Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Succulent cuttingsFlower arranging
Flower arranging
I am not a winter person. Every year I try to get excited about cozy days indoors, curled up with a book and a hot chocolate, but every year I eventually accept the fact that I really, really hate it.
This week I've barely left the studio (or house), in preparation for a solo art show in September.

I've been feeling a little stir crazy from being inside for so long, so this week, I plan to make time each day to get outside, to either go for a walk or visit the park.

This pattern on this leaf reminds me of catterpillars.
The potting shed
I have been taking a lot of photos of mushrooms to use as references in my new watercolour paintings.

This cactus is about 30 years old. I remember it from when I was very small, and my parents brought it with them when we moved house. It grew and grew and broke the pot it was planted in, then it kept growing taller until it stood 7 feet high or so, and finally tipped and landed in a heap.
On the operating table in the potting shed

And repotted to grow tall again.

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