Wednesday, April 29, 2015


My Dad is a bit of a hippy, and a nature lover like me, and when we were little he taught us to respect all living things. He would show us praying mantis, spiders and other creepy crawlies and taught us to look but don't touch these insects. As a kid (and still today), I would be traumatised if I saw another child squishing bugs for the fun of it.

When we were toddlers, we would all love helping out in the garden. I remember Dad teaching us about earth worms, placing them in our little hands. I would help dig holes for seedlings, Mum would take them out of the pot and put them in the soil and I would fill the hole and be gently reminded each time not to push down so hard and compact the soil, which I always seemed to do.

This little praying mantis was a lot smaller than he seems in the photo, the leaf he is on is only a couple of centimetres long.

In the green house. Mum propagates plants in here to use in her terrariums, as well as growing trees from seed she has found here and there for Dad to eventually bonsai.

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The garden comes to life in the rain. All the colours become so vivid and fresh. These pictures are from my parents house on a recent trip back to visit. The 2m x 2m herb garden is over run with parsley, tarragon, thyme, oregano, mustard leaf, rocket, chillis, and still has room for a large lemon tree with a tiny volunteer begonia in the shade beneath it. I'm always inspired by this garden.

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