Monday, July 13, 2015

Clovelly Beach in Winter

AmeliaHerbertson_Beach1  Since I am beginning full time work shortly, we have been trying to make the most of our days.  We went to Clovelly Beach on the weekend for fish and chips, and also in the hope of maybe seeing some whales pass by on their migration route to warmer waters.
Clovelly Beach  There where whales out there, we could just make out the splashes of them breaching way off on the horizon near a whale watching boat, but they were too far out to see anything.
There were plenty of birds to photograph though. I know many people find seagulls irritating, but I like them.
Clovelly Beach AmeliaHerbertson_WillieWagtail  This little Willie Wagtail was hopping all over the rockface catching insects and drinking from the puddles. His 'eyebrows' made him look very harried and fussy.AmeliaHerbertson_WillieWagtail2 Clovelly Beach AmeliaHerbertson_Beach Clovelly Beach AmeliaHerbertson_Seagull2  I love how much detail in the seagulls faces my new camera captured. They really are pretty birds. AmeliaHerbertson_Seagull AmeliaHerbertson_Beach2 AmeliaHerbertson_BlackCockatoos  The whole time we were there I could hear a flock of Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos, but wasn’t near enough to get a photo until we drove up the headland. There were so many of them! I love the call they make. AmeliaHerbertson_BlackCockatoo  I think my next bird painting will have to be one of these gorgeous birds! xx

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