Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekends in Sydney

WeekendMoving to Sydney from out home town in the country has been a bit of a rollercoaster. There's been ups and downs, and at times it has been difficult. We try to find time every week to do something fun and different (to us).

A few weekends ago, we visited two different markets in two different suburbs. Saturday we went to the Glebe markets where our very talented friend Jessica had set up her stall selling her beautiful handmade silver jewellery. I've known Jes for a good few years now, and she is a beautiful soul. Her jewellery is special to us, she created our wedding bands and my engagement ring.
Weekend Weekend Weekend At this second hand book stall, I found a book I have been looking for  called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It has been recommended to me by several people, and as soon as I saw it Jessica came over and told me to buy it. We had no money on us whatsoever, and had been living on a very tight income since moving to Sydney, so I reluctantly put the book back down after flicking through the pages. The next week I found the very same book in my letter box, hand delivered by Jessica who had bought it for us after we left. I was so moved by her doing this, such a thoughtful act of kindness. This is just the type of person she is.
Weekend On Sunday we visited other friends of ours at the Rozelle Markets. They have a clothing stall, and also sell fruit and veg. They are very generous and lovely people, and they gave us a huge haul of fresh fruit and vegetables to take home. To two people who had been living pretty much on toast for weeks, this was the most wonderful gift.
Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend After the markets I popped down to Customs House where the French Food Festival was being held. My brother and his girlfriend had stumbled across it that morning, so I joined them and ate cheese and drank wine in the winter sunshine.

I am so grateful for knowing such lovely and generous people. We have both been blessed with generous families and friends who have also helped us through this rough patch in our lives.
The whole weekend was a lesson in gratitude, and made me very happy to be taking this new step in our lives.


  1. Hi Amelia! Lovely to see you're getting around some great market haunts in the city. You are missed back here in the country! My daughter frequents the Glebe markets most weeks, living just around the corner while she is at Uni. If ever you need gardening books, there is a truly AMAZING shop in Glebe called Florilegium @ 65 Derwent St, really close to the markets. They have the most comprehensive library of plant books I've ever seen, including botanical art books. I think you'd like it ;) Ros x

  2. PS I'm having a crack at planting a terrarium thanks to you!

  3. Hi Ros!
    Ooh thanks for the tip, that book store sounds wonderful! I am definitely going to check it out! So lovely to hear from you. Good luck with the terrariums! xx