Thursday, May 10, 2012

Etsy Faves - Shiny


Some shiny and pretty Etsy favourites to brighten your Friday! Click the links to check out their shops!

1. Gold dot maxi garland by NiceParty
2. Polyhedron Candlesticks by UrbanAnalog
3. Brass Chevron Square Necklace in Orange by sonofasailor
4. Ratiba Ring - Sterling Silver by SaraLagace
5. Gold/Silver Glitter Twine Duo by knotandbow
6. Gold Arrow Pendant by SOFTGOLDSTUDIO
7. Vintage Inspired Gold Rush 27 Sparkle & Shine Tissue Tassel Garland by EverlyLaneDesign
8. Gold Glitter envelope liners by The Persian Laundry
9. Horse with Gold Leaf Sun by Amelia Herbertson (shameless self-promotion)


  1. Thank you very much for including our garland in your selection!

  2. what a great collection of items! it's like a little party in a box...
    thank you for including our necklace, too!
    william + jessica

  3. Wow this is quite a lovely selection! Thanks so much Amelia for putting this together!

  4. Oh, Amelia! Thanks so much for the feature on your blog! I'm honored by the company I keep here, that's for sure.

    ps. I adore your work and your shop! You have a new fan. =)


    Dianna |

  5. Thank you everyone! I'm so glad you like it! Your items are beautiful.