Monday, July 22, 2013


Hamamellis Mollis "Pallida" Bonsai Hamamellis Mollis "Pallida" Bonsai Posy Today Work in progress

Lately I have been so busy moving house and setting up my new studio that I haven't had time to post. On the weekend, I took time off to read, pick flowers from the garden, take some photos and eat good food.

1 + 2. Gorgeous yellow blooms on Mum and Dads Witch Hazel bonsai. I love the scent of witch hazel.
3. A posy of violets in a tiny vase my lovely Mum left on my desk.
4. My Dad made the best lamb pie I have ever tasted, even the gluten free pastry was delicious!
5. A sneak peek at a painting I have been working on.

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