Friday, May 31, 2013

New Floral Cards and Learning Product Photography

Floral Greeting Card Set Floral Greeting Card Set Floral Greeting Card Set

I'm in the process of re-photographing all my cards and prints for my etsy shop, which would seem like a fun thing to do but it can be so frustrating! I look back at photos from when I first started and can see that I have improved SO much, but I wish it was easier.

The whole long process of setting up my photography "area" (the small space on the floor, between my bed and a window) and then the editing and at the end of it all seeing photos that I'm not happy with can be a tad disheartening. Basically I lay a piece of paper on the floor, and place whatever I'm photographing on this. Then I have a big piece of foamcore that I use to reflect the light from the window. I try to prop it against the bed but I usually just end up letting it lean/fall on me while I crouch down to take the photo.

Todays effort was ok, I photographed this new greeting card set (although I'm sure I'll look back at these photos next year and cringe). I'm not quite sure why it took me about three years to realise a plain white background is your best friend when it comes to product photography.

If you need help with your product shots, I have found this tutorial by the very talented bomobob to be very helpful, as well as these posts by him also.

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