Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas - Some Photos

I have been loving my break over the holiday season, We've travelled a lot and been taking it easy in the summer heat. We had a lovely christmas at home with both our families. It was really wonderful because Harley and I had some exciting news to share, which I will share on the blog soon!    Christmas


We have been eating a lot of tomatoes from the little cherry tomato plants that are growing in a pot on top of the water tank. They must be kept up high because the dogs love to pick them off the bush and eat them, same with the strawberries. The yellow ones are my favourite.



All the succulents and cacti are loving the heat and are all flowering madly and growing inches seemingly overnight.

Next week we will travel to the beach via the Snowy Mountains, which are supposed to be beautiful in summer. I am also looking forward to getting back to Jervis Bay and visiting Booderee National Park, one of my favourite places in the world.

I will be reopening my etsy shop on the 20th when I return.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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