Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kale Chips and a Very Sad Dog

We planted Kale this season and haven't really used it so I decided to try making kale chips.

Kale Kale Kale
After washing the kale and leaving to dry completely, I tore the leaves into pieces about 5-8cm, removing the stalk, then placed in a bowl and coated lightly in olive oil and tossed in the bowl with some seasonings.

I made two batches and used sea salt and cayenne pepper for one and lemon pepper (as in plain old masterfoods type lemon pepper) for the other.

I laid the pieces onto lined baking trays and baked at 120 degrees celcius for about half an hour, until they were nice and crisp.

 I don't have any photos of the actual chips, but they were quite good. Although I did put on way too much seasoning. I just sprinkled on what I thought felt right but I can say less is more in this case.

The lemon pepper was absolutely delicious and I recommend this flavour to anyone wanting to try kale chips. I think just plain sea salt and olive oil would be lovely too.

Madge This photo above is of Madge watching us eat the kale chips, we didn't let her have any - she supposedly shouldn't have pepper. She waited very patiently though.

When she realised she wasn't going to get any, she went away and lay down with an enormous sigh. She is very good at sulking. See here and here.

Tomorrow we leave for our road trip! I will be posting snapshots of our travels to instagram if you would like to follow me there!

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