Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Garden in the Rain

Rainy Day
Today we finally had some rain, the garden turned vivid shades of green after being thirsty for so long.

I have been so busy with art commissions and graphic design work that I have been neglecting all other areas of my life, like eating proper meals and basic housework (I folded SIX baskets of washing last night, we had been living with the baskets stacked precariously for weeks). Today I stepped out of the studio and picked up the camera and it was really nice.

Rainy Day Rainy Day Rainy Day Rainy Day Rainy Day
Some tiny little toadstools found growing with the fuschia cuttings, not even as tall as my fingernail.

Our boxer Madge, who didn't seem to enjoy the rain.

Variegated leaves
And some beautifully bold variegated cumquat leaves. A gift from a very thoughtful person who understands me so well. Have a great weekend! x

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