Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A new watercolour painting // Magpie

Magpie, Work in Progress Magpie, Work in Progress Magpie, Work in Progress
Magpie. Watercolour and gouache on paper

I've been working on a new painting of a magpie. I used to dislike magpies (possibly as a result of being swooped by several of them walking home from school) but now I think they are one of my favourites. You see at least one on every residential block around here, usually strolling on the nature strip.

While I was researching them, I found out that they are very intelligent and playful birds. My sister has a family of magpies that live in her backyard, and she would often see the baby rolling around in the fallen leaves. I guessed it could be a sign of submission but she said it seemed to do it for fun. Apparently adult magpies will play with the juveniles, chasing them and play fighting.

I spent all weekend painting, and I moved my things upstairs to be near Harley while he worked at his desk. I had the desk by the window and it was drizzling outside, and it was so lovely to just sit there and work together in silence on our separate projects. I have so many projects on at the moment, but my favourite is a big water colour painting I am doing for a lovely lady in a nearby town. I am used to doing small works, but I am getting there. It's good to be so busy!