Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Around the Studio

As I've been spending every spare moment burrowed away in my studio, I thought I would take a few photos of around the place.

A few of the hundred or so glass bottles I bought at an auction last month. I paid way too much for these but they make me really happy and I'm justifying the expense with the fact that I'm going to be using them in my wedding. The little plate in the background was a gift from mum.

My Studio
A beautiful horse named Licorice constructed entirely by hand by Emma Kidd of BenConservato. His wings are the loveliest shade of gold.

My Studio My Studio
Note the hand drawn plate of my parents and I that I did in pre-school. That guy on the right with the blue hair looks exactly like my dad, the likeness is uncanny.

My Studio
Packaging supplies. I love the look of gold and kraft paper and twine together.