Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Cous cous and salad

Cous cous and salad
We had a barbecue, this is what we ate. Roast beetroot, rocket, roast almond and fetta salad. Roast pumpkin and zucchini Persian spiced couscous.

Berry picking

We also went berry picking to get these lovely blackberries which we made into a pie. It was so delicious. It's good to have a chef for a boyfriend!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Postcard: Taj Mahal, India

Postcard: Taj Mahal, India

Postcard: Taj Mahal, India
This postcard is an original artwork, hand painted, depicting the Taj Mahal, India. The text 'Taj Mahal, India' is handwritten in black ink. The back of the postcard is professionally printed with a postcard template, ready for you to write your message. Just added to the shop!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do Not Bend

Do Not Bend

Do Not Bend

I carved a Do Not Bend stamp for packages, and came home to find Harley had attached it to some wood and fixed a handle on it. He's the best! It makes stamping a lot easier and red is my favourite colour at the moment! The envelope is a leftover from the invitations I did for my sisters wedding.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another new block print

Lino Block Print - Houses

Lino Block Print - Houses

Lino Block Print - Houses

I think I have a new obsession with red. It contrasts so well with white and black. This is now available in my shop!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Linocut Block print- Red bird

Linocut Block print- Red bird

Linocut Block print- Red bird

This is the largest block print I've done, well it's only A4 but I'm used to working tiny. I like lots of detail and it is hard to translate my patterns when carving blocks. I have just added this for sale in my shop!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012




This is Thelma the beagle. She is really a very odd dog. I don't know if it is her breed but she is very independent and will eat absolutely anything, (and I mean anything) which causes my Dad some grief when he sees her path of destruction when he gets home from work. Whenever I have my camera with me, she will sit in front of me until I take a photo, then she will happily trot away. I put together this collage and set it as Dads desktop background. He wasn't pleased.
I made my sister a little paper Thelma dressed up like Kesha. Long story.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

DIY Project: Easy and cheap Valentines Day card. Make your own!

DIY Valentine's Day card
 Every year I make Harley a card for Valentine's Day. This year I thought I would share as it is such a quick, simple and cheap idea you can do too!

  • Blank card (I made my own from 220gsm art paper) It looks really nice on matte, slightly textured card.
  • Envelope
  • 2 x Regular eraser
  • Lino carving tool, or if you don't have this, a sharp stanley/craft knife
  • Pencil (make sure it is a light one that can be easily erased)
  • Stamp ink pads

DIY Valentine's Day card

To make:

  1. Using your craft knife, cut the erasers in half. On each half, draw the outline of a simple heart shape. Make each a different size.
  2. With your lino carving tool, or craft knife (be careful, as it is a bit awkward) cut around the outside of the heart shapes, creating four heart stamps.
  3. On your card, lightly draw the outline of a heart shape. Make it light enough so that you can easily erase it later.
  4. Fill the heart shape with stamps! Try to distribute the different sizes evenly so the heart looks balanced.
  5. Erase the pencil heart outline.
  6. I added the word "LOVE" in the lower right corner of the heart, but this is up to you.
And you're done! It's super easy and costs virtually nothing. This card would also look nice framed after Valentine's Day. An original and sentimental artwork made by you!