Sunday, June 21, 2015


Terrarium Terrarium Terrarium Terrarium Terrarium My lovely mum made me the most beautiful terrarium for our new home. The last one she made for me became rather overgrown after three years and had to be dismantled. As I've mentioned, my parents both have green thumbs and spend a lot of time in the garden on their bonsai and terrariums.

This one has a tiny deer nestled amongst the greenery. I'm still trying to find it a happy place where it gets enough light, but mostly I keep it in my studio on my desk. It is very much in the way in this spot but I like having it there to look at and remind me of home.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Stockist

Wholesale card order Wholesale card order Wholesale card order Wholesale card orderI have just delivered a whole bunch of different cards to a new stockist in Newtown! A lovely holistic health centre called Pure Botanicals. As well as a naturopathic dispensary and clinic, they also stock a range of natural and eco products - soy candles, essential oils and creams. I'm thrilled for my cards to be stocked in such a beautiful place.

I've also updated my website to include a list of stockists where my cards can be found.