Thursday, January 31, 2013

Camping Trip

This place is basically paradise. Snorkelling around, getting out at different beaches. Perfect weather. #jervisbayroadtrip

Exploring beaches again today.. #jervisbayroadtrip

Painting sea patterns #jervisbayroadtrip

A few of my instagram photos from my camping trip at Jervis Bay. We camped near Booderee National Park, and I just can't emphasise enough how beautiful that place is. The forest grows right next to the sand, the beaches are pristine and the water is such a clear blue.

We saw kangaroos and a wallaby feeding on the beach, did a lot of snorkelling, reading on the beach and lazing around. I am back to work now with a few projects in the works, fully rested and recharged.

(I will share some more photos once I get them off my camera!)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

Painting patterns
(photo from my instagram)

Happy New Year everyone! After a busy Christmas period, I have been staying in spending all my time in the studio. I've been experimenting with new patterns and trying out some different ways of doing things. It's been wonderful to just be able to paint for fun again, without having to worry about the outcome. I hope you all had a good restful break with family and friends like I did!